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Attack from the ‘Like’ Farms – Social Media

Social media has become a sea of opportunity. Opportunity does not comes alone, it comes with competition.  Especially when all the information you want can be found in the internet, it’s not uncommon that you find a competitor, a site or a person who mimics you or your work.

But don’t worry ‘Early Bird catches the Worm’ so you are always going to have a chance of having the head start.

But keeping up the head start is never easy if you are not already a renowned brand or a social icon already. So that’s where marketing comes in, and then with the current era it is always the digital media marketing that stands out.

When it comes to social media, a post’s or a site’s , page’s success is judged based on the ‘Like’ and the ‘Followers’ counts it has. It’s will not be an overnight success for a new company, person or a brand to get a lot of likes and followers. It needs a dedicated social media plan to be executed with good contend for months, sometimes year.

But do you know there are sites where you can actually pay and buy ‘likes’ and ‘followers’? Yes you can, can give a boost to a post or your site.  But most of the times they are static, so if you post something the the static followers will not interact with your posts, so it will create a small suspicious look among your real followers or even the new people who sees the numbers. For example, you have bought 2 million followers but you only get 45 likes for a new post, sure it will create a suspicion. But you still can buy more likes for that new post if you like. So basically if you have money even a newcomer can have a visibility in the social media.

But wait….! Do you remember once upon a time when there is only a ‘Like’ button available in facebook, you guys asked for a ‘Dislike’ button??? And facebook actually has introduced something called ‘Reaction’ with an ‘Angry’ and ‘Sad’ reaction included in it? Here is where your competitor have a upper hand on you 😀
What if he decides to pay one of those ‘Likes for Money’ to add angry on your latest post?

This is a threat to both new and the existing or even a well established accounts. You can get an Angry or a 1 Star rating attack on your site, page or a post. So its always be careful  that you don’t trigger a fight with your  competitor.

Ok, so how can you fight this problem? There is something called Influencer marketing which is the best counter against this kind of attacks. That we will see in the next Post…!