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How to launch a custom Android app in Google Glass

In this post, I’ll guide you on how to open a custom or your own app using the default voice commands in the Google glass.
I want to mention at this point, that to do this you need to have some knowledge on Android programing. And do this exercise in the emulator we created in our last post, don’t try it on the real glass because it may malfunction the glass, I have not tested it in the glass .Try it in your glass at your own risk.

If we see how the google glass works,  it will open a certain app(apk) using the package name for a predefined voice command.

As for now we don’t have  an sdk to develop our own voice command and an app to open from it. So what I am gona do here is replace a default app that will launch for a voice command and gona launch our own app instead.

In this example, I am gona replace glasscamera with my own app. To do so backup the glass camera app, and delete it from the glass.

First refactor the package name of your app to “com.google.glass.camera”
Now open your app’s manifest file
In the manifest file, change the package name in to “com.google.glass.camera”
Then change the Intent filter inside the activity tag of your app with this Intent filter

                <action android:name=”com.google.glass.action.TAKE_PICTURE” />
                <category android:name=”android.intent.category.DEFAULT” />
Thats it now compile and install/push the apk into the glass/phone and nowSay the Command “Ok Glass”  “Take a Picture” TADAAAA…..!Now your app will open, instead of capturing the image…!

First ever Google Glass in Sri Lanka

We got our Testing Google Glasses here at Exilesoft from USA today(2013/07/30).
Till today we are working on an emulator that we made our self(Actually changed an Android phone into a Google Glass)

These are the boxes of the Glasses

Google Glass in my Table
Google Glass in my Table

Me with the Google Glass
Me with the Glass

Keep in touch , More on Hacking and developing in Google Glass coming Soon….!

Installing Google Glass in an Android Phone

Ok in this article we will see how to install Google Glass in your Android phone.
Actually we are installing some apps that are specific(That comes with) to the glass. These apps are taken from the explorer glass system dump(OS).

There are more things you can explore using the System dump but as for now. We will bring the basic functionality of the Google Glass to the Android phone.

Prerequisites – You need a wifi connection to authorize the google account to your glass software. Reason is google glass only has wifi connectivity so its only means to connect to internet is through wifi, so they don’t have data related libraries’ so if you are connected through your data connection it wont work. But if you don’t have a wifi, create a hotspot through a laptop or smartphone and change your data into wifi. But you can try using the data connection and post a comment if it works.

There must be a

Step 1
Download the GoogleGlass.rar

Extract the file.

To simply install, copy these files into the SD Card of your android phone and
click on them and
it will prompt you, from which app to open the file,
select the package installer.
(If this is not the first time you are installing an app in this method you can skip this sline)Then it will ask you to enable the third party app/unknown source app installation,
which you can find in the Settings–> Security
Now you can install the apks.

First of all Instal the following files

  • glassbrowser-modded.apk
  • GlassCamera.apk
  • GlassHangouts.apk
  • glasshome-modded.apk
  • glassmaps-modded.apk
  • glasspeople-modded.apk
  • glasssetup-modded.apk
  • GlassSound.apk
  • glassvoice-modded.apk

After installing all these apks (Don’t run any of the apps as soon as you install), before opening any app open the ‘Glass Setup’ app which is available now in your app list.
And you will see the following screen.

At this point you must login to
https://www.google.com/myglass using your google account that you wish to associate with your glass App.

First you will see this page in your browser

Now click on the Start link and you will go to this page

As usual agree to the agreements and click continue
Add the wifi name and password(You can try using fake name and password).
And click on the Add network

Now you will see this. Screen, in the original glass you can scan the code but in the app we have installed in the phone that feature won’t work. But if you keep the Google Setup app open, automatically the continue button will be enabled, if it did not work, close the app and restart the app and it will get authorized and you are ready open the Google Glass.

Now you will be redirected to your Glass Companion page, here you will see all the glasswares(In google glass apps are called glasswares) you have subscribed, here you can manage them. Or there is an app called glass companion, which I have added in the rar you downloaded now.

This is the Website Glass Companion

This is the Android App

Now you can Open the ‘Glass Home’ App from your App list
And you will See this View

And start the operations by saying the magic word ‘ok glass’And you will see available commands

So this is how the google glass works,
for how to use commands please see my first article on Google Glass

Most of the commands will not work,
Ok glass–> google… will wok and it acts like google now.
Ok glass–>Send a message to will work if you have added contacts from your gmail account in the glass comapnion

Most of the others will not work. But in my next post I’ll write an article on how to make the command ‘take a picture works’, be ready some basic android programing stuff will be there.

Be ready to do some Android Code…!

Download the Whole System Dump from Here

Update (12/3/2014): Now after the GlassSneakPeak GDK is released, now you can develop apps using the GDK and add your own commands easily and can open them using voice commands. I am not sure but if you manage to get the latest XE12 Glass OS or later and install it in the phone it should work. If I have time Ill publish a new post on it.