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Let’s Hack Android Apks

Ok guys i know many of you have tried to hack android apks using APK tool, but is it a success????
No I don’t think so you get a encrypted code, but you get the images out of it.

But here I am gona guid you using 2 tools
one is Dex2JAR and the other one is the JD GUI
Download Dex2JAR here
Download JDGUI here

Ok now I hope you know how to get an apk file from an Android App, the easiest way is to use the App Super Backup app available in the Google Market.

1.Get the APK from your phone memory card , where the Super Backup normally puts the apk.

2.Extract the DEX2JAR file

3.copy the APK file you want to extract code in to that file

4.now open the command prompt and change the directory

(command to change directory in command prompt”cd C:\Users\Amalan\Desktop\dex2jar-\dex2jar-″)to the directory where you have copied your APK in my case the directory is “C:\Users\Amalan\Desktop\dex2jar-\dex2jar-”

5.now to convert the APK to JAR type this command “dex2jar.bat ‘yourapp.apk’ ” and press enter and you will get the JAR file of your APK.

6.now extract the JDGUI and there you will find ‘jd-gui’ exe file, run it

7.now drag and drop the JAR file you just created, Voila you will find all the code in it. Not a Single Encryption the total code is available to you.

8.here you wont get any drawable files, for that use APK TOOL or just rename the ‘.apk’ to ‘.rar’ and extract and you can take all the images.

Thats it you have successfully Extracted the full source code out of your favorite Android App