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Pokemon Go Simple Things Matter

Hi folks it’s been sometime since I wrote something. Thought may be to to write something on Pokemon Go as there are lots happening in that Game.

After Gofest 2020 which I would say is a success and people are happy specially after encountered boosted shinies compared to the day one. Now in Quarantine I am trying to hatch 7 km(3.5km) to get my hands on a shiny Deino in the Gofest Ultra Unlock Dragon Week 😀
I hatch eggs on free incubators so I don’t expect much. But people who bought incubators and trying to hatch a Deino seems like a bit disappointed.

Ok leave the deino for now. I know Niantic from their early days since they launched Ingress. Its an amazing game and it encouraged team play. But at that time community and the company is starting to grow so there were not many events. We get introduce to new features like 2 times. Concept is small easy to understand. And the game is all about coordination and strategy. So its a community driven game and it becomes interesting based on how aggressive are the opponent’s strategies. So people are kind of satisfied and did not expect much. Only issues as always in a GPS based game will be spoofing.

But when it comes to Pokemon Go. Its based on a popular franchise. So obviously there is going to be a huge audience with lots of expectations. When the game is launched with many bugs and minimal features, it broke lots of records world wide and made people run all over the places. They also broke their servers due to the load. But they recovered to cater the whole world within 6 months is a good come back.

I sometimes think they introduce the features very quick that there are lots of bugs, still are not attended too and new features leads to new bugs. I have seen people still complaining and grabbing free passes for raid issues(I don’t have to mention the new remote raid drop out bug) where Niantic is so generous. This leads to people miss use this generocity too. But they also cant help it as they have to maintain a good relationship with the players too. For them to be strict they have to be fault free first.

Covid-19 or Corona as some of you say made Pokemon Go to rethink how people can play the game from home. This made them increase the spawn rate of incense(An item makes Pokemon spawn around you) and introduced remote raids. They also had their Annual event GoFest this year as GoFest 2020 Home Edition, where anyone can buy the ticket and play from where ever they are. It actually made possible to retain Pokemon Go players in the global pandemic and lockdown issues. We should appreciate the effort of the Pokemon Go and the Niantic Team for this as they must have also being working from home. People are happy about these event and the new features and the lockdown bonuses.

But I don’t know if Pokemon Go and Niantic has thought the after effect of the covid 19. Now people are got used to the increased spawn rates and the liberty of doing raid from their home(Shhhh…! No one anymore knows if someone has spoofed). They will definitely going to get a bit discouraged seeing a regular spawns, they will still use the remote passes and stay home. So what will happen to the go out and explore thingy the core concept of the Niantic Games???

Now, we are having back to back events, shinies introduced and features ( I am looking forward to the Mega Evolutions). The players are continuously given something to be excited every day. Don’t forget when you give them excitement everyday even the small things starts to disappoint them if it fails. Maybe we can take the Deino Egg Event or its called the Dragon Week(I personally thought its a Dratini Community Week :D)

Remote Raid Passes and Incubators means money for most of the people, so if you are trying to get the player’s money the players will also will have some expectations. When they get disappointed they rant all over the internet. Hard core Pokemon fans wont abandon the game but the new prospect players may stay away if they come across these rants.

So if I summarize what I was writing up to now is, Pokemon Go you are doing great, keeping us entertained, even in the pandemic, I really appreciate that. But you also have to look back at some of the aspects like existing bugs leading to miss use of your generosity and consistency on event(egg, weekly event) shiny rates to maintain the player expectations. And finally to keep in mind the post pandemic days and on how to re enable the Niantic’s core idea on “Go out and play” without being discouraged.