Quick Answer: How do I archive old SQL data?

How do I archive a SQL database?

On the Content tab, provide the information for the source database table that you want to archive:

  1. From the Database list, select the SQL database that you want to archive.
  2. Click Add Target Table. …
  3. From the Select Archiving Target Table section, select a schema and an archiving target table.

How do I archive a database table?

Create a new table with all the columns being the same as in the original table with the additional identity column as the primary key. Load X days of data from the original table. Archive data from the original table to the [Archive] database by running a script in chunks of rows. Verify the result.

What is data archiving in SQL?

The application and reports point to these databases. When we need to archive data, we migrate data in the form of inserts and deletes from these databases to another database where we store historic data. If a user needs to access historic data, the queries run against this historic environment.

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How do you archive a database?

Archive now

Select Database | Manage Database Backup and Restore. In the upper right Databases pane, select the full STORAGE database you wish to archive. The database must have reached its maximum size, and a new database must be started. Right-click the STORAGE database and select Archive.

When should you archive a database?

Once in the archived data management system, the information stays accessible and the system protects its integrity. Data archiving is critical for businesses and organizations that acquire new information regularly yet must retain existing data — and remain able to quickly retrieve both types.

How do I archive data in mysql?

As of now I do this: Create the Archive Database and table. Insert into ArchiveDB. table select * from old_tbl where datetime <= Archivedate.

I want to implement this with the following conditions:

  1. Insert and delete via batches.
  2. Reclaim the space after deleting from the old database.
  3. Update stats without downtime.

What is an archive table?

An archive table is a table that stores older rows from another table. The original table is called an archive-enabled table . Db2 can automatically store rows that are deleted from an archive-enabled table in an associated archive table.

What is a meaning of archive?

1 : a place in which public records or historical materials (such as documents) are preserved an archive of historical manuscripts a film archive also : the material preserved —often used in plural reading through the archives. 2 : a repository or collection especially of information. archive. verb.

How do I move a row from one table to another in SQL Server?


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The INSERT INTO SELECT statement copies data from one table and inserts it into another table. The INSERT INTO SELECT statement requires that the data types in source and target tables matches. Note: The existing records in the target table are unaffected.

What is the purpose of archiving?

The key reason to archive your documents is to avoid losing data. All documents are vulnerable to being destroyed or corrupted (if digital), either maliciously, by accident, or by a natural disaster, such as a flood or fire. Electronic documents can be compromised by: security threats.

What happens when you archive data?

Archiving a game will delete all of the game data (which takes up the bulk of the space on your console) but leave your game saves where they are. That way, if you download the game again in the future, you don’t have to start over.

Why is archiving of data required?

The primary benefits of archiving data are: Reduced cost━data is typically stored on low performance, high capacity media with lower associated maintenance and operation costs. Better backup and restore performance━archiving removes data from backups, reducing their size and eliminating restoration of unnecessary files.

How do I access archive?

If a message has been archived, you can find it by opening the All mail label.

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app .
  2. In the top left, tap Menu .
  3. Tap All mail.

What is meant by data archiving?

Definition. Secure data archiving is the process of collecting older data and moving it to a protected location so that it can be retrieved if needed in a data forensics investigation. Archives are distinct from backups. With data archiving, the information is moved to free up storage resources.

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How do you archive files in access?

Step 1: Create an archive table

  1. In the Navigation Pane, select the table that has records to archive, press CTRL+C, and then presses CTRL+V.
  2. In the Table Name box, delete the words Copy Of and append an underscore and the word “archive” to the existing table name, and then click OK.