How do you evaluate a Java developer?

What makes a good Java developer?

You must be excellent in Java programming and coding to make a good application. … According to a report, there are around 9 million of enthusiastic Java developers in the world, who have good insight on technology, and they are also willing to learn new developments in Java, such as Java 8, JDK 10, and JVM internals.

How do you assess Java?

There are two main assessment companies that provide SQL assessments: Brainbench and Kenexa Prove It. Brainbench provides many different Java tests including, but not limited to: Java 1 and 2, J2EE, Java EE and JSP. Kenexa Prove It has fewer Java specific tests, but does include Java Hibernate, JSP, and Java EE.

What should I look for when hiring a Java developer?

When you want to hire a senior Java developer, you should be looking at someone with 3 to 6 years of experience in Java. Such candidates should have the skill of writing optimized code that is clean and readable. They should have a strong foundation in object-oriented programming and in-depth knowledge of J2EE.

Can I learn Java in a month?

Java programming is one of the mostly used programming languages. … To become a successful Java developer, the only way is to do the practice of all basics and advanced concepts of it. If we follow the following learning path, we can learn Java in one month only.

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What are the skills required for 2 years Java developer?

Requirement for Java Developer( 2 – 3 years experience)

  • Strong analytical skills with focus on quality.
  • Good communication skills & team player.
  • Ability to learn new technologies quickly.
  • Very strong in object oriented concepts & design pattern.
  • Sound knowledge of Core Java, JSP, Servlets.

Do I have latest java?

Type “java -version” into the Command Prompt, then press Enter on your keyboard. After a moment, your screen should display the information your computer has about Java, including what version you have installed.

What is the correct syntax for java main method?

Java main method is the entry point of any java program. Its syntax is always public static void main(String[] args) . You can only change the name of String array argument, for example you can change args to myStringArgs .

What are the skills required for Java Developer?

Basic Java developer skills

  • JavaServer pages (JSP) and servlets.
  • Web frameworks (e.g., Struts and Spring)
  • Service-oriented architecture/web services (SOAP/REST)
  • Web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery.
  • Markup languages like XML and JSON.
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts and patterns.

What is J2EE in Java?

J2EE Introduction. Short for Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition. J2EE is a platform-independent, Java-centric environment from Sun/Oracle for developing, building and deploying Web-based enterprise applications online.

What are the technologies in Java?

Java Web Application Technologies

  • Servlet API. The javax. …
  • JSP. JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology is used by developers to create web content rapidly, which is platform and server independent. …
  • JDBC API. …
  • Java Persistence API. …
  • JavaServer Faces Technology.
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Is Java front end or backend?

Languages. The front end uses web languages such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The programming languages used in the back end may include PHP, Java, Python, and Ruby.

Is Java developer job difficult?

While there are many developers with a host of experience working with the second most popular coding language, Java developer remains one of the most difficult jobs to fill.