Your question: Can I have more than one package JSON?

What is package json?

The package. json file is the heart of any Node project. It records important metadata about a project which is required before publishing to NPM, and also defines functional attributes of a project that npm uses to install dependencies, run scripts, and identify the entry point to our package.

How do I install multiple npm packages at once?

To install multiple packages, we need to use the npm install followed by the multiple package names separated by the spaces package1 package2 . This above command installs three packages, which are express, cors and body-parser. You can also checkout how to install the specific version of an npm package.

Can npm install multiple versions of same package?

Due to, npm will never support the ability to alias packages and install multiple versions of the same package.

What is bin in package json?

bin. A lot of packages have one or more executable files that they’d like to install into the PATH. npm makes this pretty easy (in fact, it uses this feature to install the “npm” executable.) To use this, supply a bin field in your package. json which is a map of command name to local file name.

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What creates package json?

Creating a package. json file is typically the first step in a Node project, and you need one to install dependencies in npm. If you’re starting a project from scratch, you create a package.

Create package. json

  1. Enter the root folder of your project.
  2. Run npm init.
  3. Fill out the prompts to create your package. json.

Where is my package json file?

The package. json file is normally located at the root directory of a Node. js project. The name field should explain itself: this is the name of your project.

How do I use multiple npm versions?

First, we need to do a little preparation:

  1. uninstall any existing versions of Node. js.
  2. delete any existing Node. js installation directories (such as C:Program Filesnodejs )
  3. delete the existing npm install location (such as C:Users<user>AppDataRoamingnpm )

How many ways can you install npm packages?

The npm install command allows the user to install a package. There are two types of installation: local install. global install.

Do I need to run npm install every time?

npm install simply reads your package. json file, fetches the packages listed there from (usually) , and sometimes engages in the build steps for those packages. So you only have to run npm install when you change your package.

Can you have multiple versions of node installed?

As on the same machine, we can only install one version of the nodejs, so it’s very painful to uninstall and install the new node version as per your project requirements. … NVM allows installing multiple node js versions on the same machine and switching between the required node js version.

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Does yarn install multiple versions of the same package?

With npm or yarn, you can install a package under a custom alias. This enables you to install multiple versions of a package in the same project.

How do I install a specific version?

Use npm list [package-name] to know the specific latest version of an installed package. Use npm install [package-name]@[version-number] to install an older version of a package. Prefix a version number with a caret (^) or a tilde (~) to specify to install the latest minor or patch version, respectively.

What is private true in package json?

If you set “private”: true in your package. json, then npm will refuse to publish it. This is a way to prevent accidental publication of private repositories.

What should main be in package json?

The main field is a module ID that is the primary entry point to your program. That is, if your package is named foo, and a user installs it, and then does require(“foo”), then your main module’s exports object will be returned. This should be a module ID relative to the root of your package folder.

What is ShellJS?

ShellJS is a portable (Windows/Linux/macOS) implementation of Unix shell commands on top of the Node. js API. You can use it to eliminate your shell script’s dependency on Unix while still keeping its familiar and powerful commands.