Which of the following is not a reserved word in JavaScript Mcq?

What is reserved words in JavaScript?

Reserved words are words that you cannot use as identifiers in JavaScript.

Which of the following is not a reserved word *?

Here, doo is not a reserve keyword in C language.

Is name a reserved word in JavaScript?

Its not a javascript reserved word, its an html attribute. Any DOM element can have a name.

What is reserved words write any 10 reserved words in JavaScript?

JavaScript Reserved Words

abstract arguments await*
char class* const
debugger default delete
double else enum*
export* extends* false

What are keywords in JS?

Keywords are tokens that have special meaning in JavaScript: break , case , catch , continue , debugger , default , delete , do , else , finally , for , function , if , in , instanceof , new , return , switch , this , throw , try , typeof , var , void , while , and with .

What are reserved words C++?

A reserved word is a word that cannot be used as an identifier, such as the name of a variable, function, or label – it is “reserved from use”. … There are another 30 reserved words that were not in C, are therefore new to C++ programming language.

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Is iterate Python reserved word?

The correct answer to the question “Which of the following is not a Python Reserved word” is option (A). Iterate. All the other options are a Keyword or a Reserved word in Python.

Which of the following is Python reserved word?

Reserved Keywords

Python Keywords
as except lambda
assert finally nonlocal
break for not
class from or

Is volatile a reserved word in C?

Volatile- The Volatile Keyword is used for making volatile objects. Volatile objects can only be altered by hardware and not a program.

Is name keyword in JS?

2 Answers. name is not a reserved word in Javascript. As the sample code is not executing within any specific scope (within a function ect.) the name variable is referencing window.name .

Is name reserved keyword?

A closely related and often conflated notion is a keyword, which is a word with special meaning in a particular context. This is a semantic definition. By contrast, names in a standard library but not built into the language are not considered reserved words or keywords.

What is name attribute?

The name attribute defines the name of the form control, and is submitted along with the form control’s value when the form is submitted. It is the name part of the name/value pair associated with an element for the purposes of form submission.

What is Webjs?

JavaScript is a scripting or programming language that allows you to implement complex features on web pages — every time a web page does more than just sit there and display static information for you to look at — displaying timely content updates, interactive maps, animated 2D/3D graphics, scrolling video jukeboxes, …

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Which of the following is a reserved word?

The following are more examples of reserved words. abstract , if , private , this , double , implements , throw , boolean , else , import , public , throws , break , return , byte , extends , int , short , true , false , case , interface , static , try , catch , final , long , void .