Hi guys,

This is my personal blog where I mostly write on technical stuff. I normally blog all the problems with solutions, I come across on my day to day development life. Most of the time I may write on something I did research on or made to work, mostly Gadgets like Google Glass, Flic Button, Myo Arm band, Arduino etc. Recently started to develop some Android and Xamarin libraries and Components so that people can adopt them in their code and get benefited.

So feel free to follow my blog and learn with me

Amalan Dhananjayan

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, actually i’m new to android development and java development. I’ve studying in SLIIT Malabe Campus for past 1 1/2 year and I like your career. I stoped developing android due to some Java Projects but after reading your career I’ve decided to start it again in next couple of months. I’m try to develop an AI but I’ve no more ideas on it. I’ll contact you soon when i get ready. Thank you brother.

  2. Hi I have I have installed on my Smartphone “tags 4 more likes” for Windows Phone … wanted to ask when and if there will be an update to add new categories such as “love” and other … thanks for your reply … good job

    1. Hey Hi, thanks for inquiry. I have some plans to update the app with lots of new tags and features, but unfortunately I am kind of stuck with office work these days. But the app will be updated soon. Thank You.

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