Pocket Signature View for Android

Android Signature View

This is a library which consist of a Signature View. This can be used as a Signature Pad
Main intention to develop this view is to avoid using bitmaps to use device memory efficiently.

-The drawn image can be out put as SVG(Vector Image), which is very much small in size. -Also the drawing data can be saved as String and that String can again be loaded in to this view.

This can be integrated inside your Android Studio using the Gradle

compile 'com.batzeesappstudio.pocketsignatureview:pocketsignatureview:0.1.6'

Library can be found here – https://bintray.com/batzee/maven/android-signature-view/view

This project is made Open Source under the Apache 2.0 license, so you can help improve the library by contributing here

A small sample will be added soon…

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