JSConf 2014 Asia

Last year I was sent to training by Exilesoft(Pvt) Ltd for the JSConf 2014 Asia conference held in Singapore.

JSConf 2014 Asia
It was an awesome and informative event, got chance to meet people from some popular companies like PayPal, Spotify, Github, Firefox, King(Candy Crush) and many others.

So I would like to share some information and some useful resources I managed to gather their in the conference.

The Conference was held for 2 Days.
Ill be explaining the important point and the resources in the order of the sessions

Day 1

Building Isomorphic Apps – Spike Brehm, Airnb
Session Video

Slides  – http://www.slideshare.net/spikebrehm/building-isomorphic-apps-jsconfasia-2014
Github – https://github.com/spikebrehm/isomorphic-tutorial
Twitter – @spikebrehm

Pixel Art and Complex System – Vince Allen, Spotify
Session Video –

Github – https://github.com/vinceallenvince/Bit-Shadow-Machine
Samples – http://vinceallenvince.github.io/jsasia2014/
Twitter – @vinceallenvince

Bad FormChris Lienert, Jardine Lloyd Thompson
Session Video

Slides – http://www.slideshare.net/cliener/jsconfx?related=1
Github – https://github.com/cliener/Quaid-JS
Twitter – @cliener

HTTP Headers The Simplest Security – Wei Lu
Session Video

Github – https://github.com/helmetjs/helmet
Twitter – @luweidewei

Fun with Javascript and SensorsJan jongboom, Telener
Session Video

Slides – http://www.slideshare.net/janjongboom/fun-with-sensors-jsconfasia-2014
Github – https://github.com/janjongboom/jsconf-asia
Twitter – @janjongboom

The Art of LessMartin Kleppe, Ubilabs
Session video –

Project Site – http://aem1k.com/雨/
Slides – https://speakerdeck.com/aemkei/the-art-of-less-jsconf-dot-asia
Twitter – @aemkei

QuiverJS :  Rethinking Web Frameworks Soares Chen
Session Video

Slides – http://quiverjs.github.io/jsconfasia-2014/assets/player/KeynoteDHTMLPlayer.html#0
Github – https://github.com/quiverjs
Twitter – @soareschen

Translation Workflow And Formatting Complex TranslationTingan Ho, P1.cn
Session Video

Github – https://github.com/tinganho/l10ns
Twitter – @tingan87

Preparing your NodeJS Application for Scale – Dexter Tan and Laurence Franslay, PayPal
Session Video –

Day 2

Web TorrentFeross Aboukhadijeh
Github – https://github.com/feross/webtorrent
Twitter – @feross

There and back again – A Game Dev’s Tale Peggy Kuo, Atlassian
Session Video

Slides – https://speakerdeck.com/pyko/there-and-back-again-a-game-devs-tale
Twitter – @pyko

Versioning, Syncing & Streaming Large Datasets using DAT+NODEMax Ogden
Session Video

Lint to DAT : http://dat-data.com/
Twitter – @maxogden

IPCluster-Scaling Zopim’s Fronted Node ServersYang Bin Kwok, Zopim
Session Video

Github – https://github.com/zopim/ipcluster
Twitter – @zopim

Reactive Programing Made SimpleSlava Kim, Meteor
Twitter – @imslavako

Gibbering at Algoraves: JS in Live Audiovisual Performances Charlie Roberts, UCLA
Session Video

Github – https://github.com/charlieroberts/Gibberish
Link to Gibber – http://gibber.mat.ucsb.edu/

Lets make a Game with PhaserGabe Hollombe, Neo
Session Video

Github – https://github.com/gabehollombe/phaser-pvz
Twitter – @gabehollombe

Deep Space – A Simulation Drama  –  Simon Swain, Modus Interactive
Session Video

Github – https://github.com/simonswain/deepspace
Twitter – @simon_swain

Future of NodeMikel Rogers, Digital Ocean
Session Video

Site to create NodeConf – http://oneshot.nodeconf.com/
Twitter – @mikeal

The post will be updated till individual video links appears in youtube, mean while you guys can watch this play list of all the sessions

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