Install Custom launcher into Google Glass

Hi guys in this post I’ll be guiding you on how to install a custom launcher in the Google Glass.
First Download a launcher, for this demo I’ll be using Launchy.

installation instructions:
Have your Glass in Debug Mode and use ADB
adb install launchy.apk

Now the launcher is installed in your glass.
Now to change the launcher, go to the settings card in your glass and tap once, and you will get a selection window to select the launcher, select the launchy.


Now you can see the apps installed into the glass. You can scroll and select the app you want to launch.


That’s it now install all the apps you want and launch it in the glass.

2 thoughts on “Install Custom launcher into Google Glass

  1. How do you scroll? I have the Launchy app installed and a Youtube Feeds app to launch installed. I can get to Launchy, see the app at the bottom of the list, but when I swipe the touchpad the selection never changes.

    1. Unfortunately scroll does not work. But when you swipe forward or backward you can go through the apps installed. So its better to have less apps installed in your phone or glass to use launchy effectively.You must understand launchy is a temporary solution. Now you can develop apps using GDK and install that apk to make your app appear in the Glass Menu.

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